Download application for webcast streaming

Please choose either application for "LIFE" webcast streaming from the following.

  • Quick Time 4 client
    Using Apple Quick Time 4 client, you can enjoy both the movie produced by the proprietary application for "LIFE" and the webcast streaming at the same time to experience more profound stage of "LIFE" on the Internet.

    How to download Quick Time 4
    Find "Get Quick Time 4 for free" from the Apple download site below. Step2. Enter your e-mail address (you cannot download without entering).
    Step2. Enter your e-mail address (you can not download without entering).
    Step3. Click "Download now" button.
    Step4. Execute the installer you downloaded.
    Go to Apple Quick Time 4 download page

  • Windows Media Player 6.4
    You can enjoy webcast streaming with Windows Media Player which has been newly released. This application is based on Windows, however, for Macintosh users, youcan use βversion for Macintosh. (This application does not go with the proprietary application for webcasting.)

    How to download Windows Media Player
    Step1. Click "Download Media Player" button at the download page below.
    Go to download page: Microsoft Windows Media Player for windows
    Go to download page: Microsoft Windows Media Player for Macintosh
    Step2. Execute downloaded file to install

    Download the proprietary application for webcasting
    Downloading this application which will be played with Quick Time 4 will be available within a few days at the download site below.
    Go to download page for webcast application