Movie synchronized with live streaming
The application for synchronizing the audio and visual streaming from the performance is developed using Macromedia Director7.02. Having downloaded this application, you can enjoy the special "opus" derived from Opera"LIFE". It will be controlled by MARS (Macromedia Multi User Server) to syncronize with the context.

A solution of traffic for streaming
QuickTime Services servers and Windows Media Services servers for webcast streaming are located in both Japan and the United States in order to minimize the network traffic. Some servers are located in Japan especially for this project, while other servers are located at Above.Net in San Jose, California to offer better quality for the neudience.

Clients feedback by Hyper Broad Gathering system
One of the new trials of the network system for "LIFE", is the Hyper Broad Gatherin system. Please see the description at the page below.
Hyper Broad Gathering

System Diagram of Webcasting
Please see the following diagram for the webcasting system.