The Opera "LIFE" which will be held this coming September has taken a new approach to the distribution of music via the Internet. Using technologies that have never been used before, "LIFE" will break new ground when it comes to Internet performances.

From a technical point of view, this opera breaks new ground in live Internet performances. Previous webcast systems had a problem with the limited bandwidth of telephone lines to deliver audio and movie data to the net users at the same time. Webcasting for "LIFE" minimizes visual data that causes a traffic. By doing this, larger bandwidth can be saved to raise the vibrance and quality of the live sound.

In addition, apart from visual and audio data, we provide a new special application for net users to view the movie especially developed for the Internet. This application allows net users to view videos synchronized with the music streamed from the live performance of "LIFE". This will add a new dimension to the listening experience. Also, for audience who have already seen "LIFE" live, we will try to provide a chance to help them understand the artist's vision more clearly.

We will also provide a feedback system for "neudience"(net audience) to send their reactions as data, like "clapping hands" to the stage, so that the artists and the audience in the live hall can see neudience's reactions.

For those who can't come to the "LIFE" venue, we are providing the aforementioned application to deliver above contents . You can download this application and an appropriate stream player like QT4 or WMT4 to enjoy both real "LIFE" and the movie to go with it. The application can be downloaded on "download" page listed below.