About the behavior of webcast client before the show
During the show's off, only the time table for the shows are appeared when the client (LIFE.EXE) starts. Don't worry about it since it is the appropreate behavior for your client program.

Download special application for webcasting
"LIFE" webcast client full set. (special version for Budoh-kan)
For the first time to download, get this full set below.

for Macintosh
LIFE-full.sea.bin(approx. 3.7MB)
for Windows
LIFE-full.exe (approx. 3.4MB)

"LIFE" webcast client webcast set (Budoh-kan version)
This is the main file to enjoy "LIFE" webcast. Please download this file with the basic set below.
For Macintosh users; file is compressed with StaffIt 5.
For Windows users; file is compressed with ZIP format.

*Copy webcast.Dxrin the uncompressed folder onto the the folder of the above basic set. When you copy, you may see the message alerting for writing over the original file which has the same name as the basic set, but please ignore this message and continue copying.

for Macintosh
LIFE-webcastKit.sit.hqx(approx. 1.7MB)
for Windows
LIFE-webcastKit.zip (approx. 1.2MB)