A Global Concert System
We are implementing the following technologies for "LIFE" to create "a global concert system".

Latency Stabilizer
When sending visual and audio data through the Internet, a random delay occurs due to different amounts of data and bandwidth. This delay is not always the same. The problem that the irregular delays causes is called "jitter". A new technology called a "Latency Stabilizer" tries to regulate the delays. By combining Bandwidth Reservation technology and Latency Stabilizer technology we will stabilize the time delays, thus eliminating many of the previous problems with music distribution via the Internet.

Hyper Broad Gathering
Although one of the many features of the Internet is its "interactivity", previous music transmissions over the Internet have been noticeably lacking in interactivity.

We would like to provide a framework adopting the interactive features of the Internet and create a feedback system from net users to the live hall.

By collecting feedback data from many users and outputting the results using our new system, we can offer a completely new approach to broadcasting on the Internet.

With scalability in mind, we have designed and developed a client/server system which allows many sub systems to collaborate. These systems collect random data from various sites and then combine them.
  • Designer and programmers of Latency Stabilizer: go to StaffList/"LATENCY STABILIZER"
  • Designer and programmers of Hyper Broad Gathering: go to StaffList/"HYPER BROAD GATHERING"