what is the technology for "LIFE"?
Up until now, there have been many trials made by artists who had a vision for a broader range of their artistic activities on the Internet, through Internet live, and using multimedia etc.

However, previous technologies and the ways of using them were not enough to deliver a good quality of the performance. It was also difficult to express the atmosphere of a live hall. Thus, performers could not feel neudience(net audience) reactions in real-time.

Now, we need to consider the way how to use and evaluate technologies to realize what the artist or concept maker wants to express. This is really the main point of building the network system for "LIFE". Due to the concept of this opera "LIFE", the producer wants to have an interaction between the live hall and cyber space.

As a role of technology for "LIFE", we would like to propose following two technologies to create a "Global Live Concert" system to realize the above concepts.
  • Collaboration between dancers in the different places: Latency Stabilizer
  • Interaction between a live hall and neudience: Hyper Broad Gathering

    Through the Internet, a dancer in Japan will interact the a dancer in a different city that is displayed on a screen. The visual image will then be sent to NewYork and Frankfurt. After the image circles the earth, the dancer in Japan can see the figure of himself on the screen with the movement he made a few seconds before. This delay caused by the network. The audience will see the earth as "a random delay machine".