Technical Background
In order to complete the dance collaboration between Tokyo/Osaka, Frankfurt and NewYork, we need to create network connections covering the entireplanet.

In order to create the huge series of connections necessary for this project, all of the key network engineers and organizations in Japan met specifically to architect a solution. These members are all tasked with solving any and all problems happening at each situation. They are also responsible for insuring constant connectivity between all of the various NOCs(Network Operation Center) and Venues. The names of these network specialists and organizations are all listed on the Technical Staff List.

TOKYO Main NOC and network connectivity to abroad
The main NOC of the whole operation "LIFE" is located at Tokyo Otemachi, NTT building by the corporation of NTT-ME. From NTT building to WIDE project NOC, the fiber cable(OC-12 ATM: 622M)is placed by Japan Gigabit Network(JGN). WIDE NOC connects to Frankfurt via PSINet network. The Internet connection is established at this NOC.

The connection between a rehearsal hall and Nihon-Budokan is made by ATM MegaLink(OC-3 ATM: 155M). At each NOC, routing of each connection and traffic is controlled by routers of NIHON CISCO SYSTEMS. Please see the router diagram.

Network between Tokyo and Osaka
The connection between Tokyo and Osaka is operated by Japan Gigabit Network(JGN) with the fiber cable ATM155(OC-3)PVP(CBR) as a part of an experiment proceeded by BBCC

Network between Japan and US.
The international connection between Japan and US is connected to NewJersey operated by NTT-WT, through 45MB line from NTT NOC.

Network between NewJersey and NewYork
The local line within US, NewJersey to NewYork is connected by NTT America to SNAPPER-BEAR STUDIOS. This is where the moving images of the dancers are transmitted to Tokyo using DV and MPEG2 bidirectionaly.

Network between Japan and Frankfurt
Network between Japan and Frankfurt is connected with fiber cable(ATM OC-12)from WIDE Project Tokyo NOC through international line dedicated by PSINet, via London where is a main NOC of PSINet, connected to the L.O.F.T.HOUSE Studio in Frankfurt, Germany, where dancers interacts to the visual images of dancers of Tokyo. Then the images of Frankfurt are sent back to Tokyo also by using DV and MPEG2. This connection is achieve by a special group of PSINet team who has specially dedicated for this project.
The PSINet Mission Impossible Team

Let us see the Network System Diagram below.