webcast FrequentlyAskedQuestion

Q. Where can I find a link to view the opera with WMT?
A. We will have a link ready on our top page an hour before the opera starts.

Q. What is WMT4?
A. WMT4 is version 4 of Windows Media Technology.

Q. I have downloaded the webcast application and QuickTime4 but I can' find any link for connecting to the server. Where is it?
A. Users with webcast application and QuickTime4 will only need to have the webcast application up and running before the opera starts(For Windows = LIFE.exe, For Mac = LIFE). Your webcast application will automatically connect to the proper server and start recieving streams. So, you don't need to know ant address to connect. As for users with WMT(WindowsMediaTechnology) client, videos and audios of the opera will be available. For users with LIFE webcast application, QuickTime 4 will be used to recieve audio stream. For users with WMT, please download Windows Media Player from Microsoft's web site and connect to the address that will be announced on the top page. This address will not be announced until an hour before the opera.

Q. I can't hear anything even after I downloaded and installed QuickTime4. And I can't find a place to access.
A. You won't be able to listen to any audio streams when you only have QuickTime4. You'll have to download the webcast application in order to recieve the QuickTime4 audio stream.

Q. I only get a timetable of webcast when I run the webcast application. And it will quit when I click on the screen. What's going on?
A. The webcast application we've prepared for the opera webcasting will display only the timetable until the webcast stream starts. Also, if you click on the screen, the webcast application will quit. Please note that this is not a BUG. When the actual webcasting begins, the webcast application will display various texts and data.

Q. I've began recieving streams with the webcast application, but the QuickTime logo on the left upper corner won't change and I only recieve sounds of the opera. How can I view the video of the opera?
A. The webcast stream done with QuickTime4 will only have audio. This is to improve the sound quality of the webcast. If you'd like to view the video, please use Windows Media Player for WMT stream.

Q. What's the difference between the QuickTime4 stream and the WMT stream?
A. QuickTime4 streaming is combined with the webcast application and you'll be able to recieve audio stream with texts and data displayed on the screen at the hall. With WMT, audio stream and video stream from the hall will be provided.

Q. What is MARS?
A. MARS is a server for communicating with the webcast application developed with Macromedia Director. We've been recieving various support from Macromedia.

Q. What is HBG?
A. HBG is a abbreviation of "Hyper Broad Gathering". It a system developed to use the bi-directionallity of the network to collect various information from the client software. Within the webcast, the webcast application will collect the number of claps from the Internet user, and displayed on to the screen at the hall. For more information about the HBG, please read the Network Technology page.

If you still have problems after reading this page, please send e-mail to webcast@life.sitesakamoto.com.